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View the latest post Congratulations to Tidal Waves!

Congratulations to Tidal Waves for their victory in the Hero Showdown finals over "Coming Soon" this past Saturday. TDW won the grand finals match three maps to none. They managed to win the entire tournament in dominant fashion, through the winners bracket without ever losing a map. @
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and @
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played very well throughout the day. They won a prize of two $20 PlayStation Store gift card codes, one each.

The first map of the finals was Naboo. "Coming Soon" took the first round on this map but TDW was able to come back for three rounds in a row, winning 3-1. The second map was Jabba's Palace. TDW were able to win on Villains 3-0. TDW closed out the tournament on Heroes on Bespin, with a score of 3-1.

Naboo - TDW win 3-1
Jabba's Palace - TDW win 3-0
Administrator's Palace - TDW win 3-1

Great effort by both teams to make it to the finals, and again congratulations to Tidal Waves, the Hero Showdown champions!

Lastly, thank you to all the members of all 10 teams that signed up for this tournament. I hope you all enjoyed competing. Most of the team leaders were on top of telling me map scores and we were able to finish the whole tournament in one day. This tournament went much better than I expected for a queue snipe test tournament. I even think we could have been a bit faster if we did some small things differently.

We couldn't stream / commentate any matches because this game doens't have a spectator mode, but some players recorded their own perspectives. The finals can be seen at this link:
Click Here to Watch the Finals

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View the latest post PS4 SWBFEA2 Hero Showdown Test Tournament - Sign Up Here!

Hello everyone, the sign ups are now officially open for a Hero Showdown test tournament on SWBFEA2 for PS4. This tournament will use queue sniping (searching for a match at the same time as your opponent) to have teams play each other. We are aiming to make this tournament a one day event on Saturday June 2nd, if you sign up, expect to play all of your matches on this day. Matches will begin at 2pm eastern time. If the bracket is large enough or takes too long, we will aim to complete the remaining matches on Sunday June 3rd.

You can sign up by posting in this thread and filling out this info:

Copy and Paste this Form in Your Own Post in this Thread to Sign Up
Team Name:
Team Tag / Abbreviation:
Team Roster (Exact PSNs):

Sign ups will be open from now until midnight eastern time on Friday June 1st.
Click here to view the full rules.

There will currently be a prize of $30 for the winning team, $15 for each player. This prize pool may increase with donations.

Teams require 2 players in order to sign up. Team sizes may not be larger than two players, but you can change your two player roster by editing your signup post anytime from now up until midnight eastern time on Friday June 1st. You may also make a new post with an updated roster if you are unable to edit your previous one.

All matches will be played on the US, Virginia server region by default. The tournament will have a double elimination bracket format with random maps.

I want to emphasize that this is a test tournament, it will not be as easy to get matches done as it is on the previous Battlefront games. Please bring low expectations and lots of patience when it comes to queue sniping your opponent for the match. It will mostly likely require voice communication between you and your opponent to search for your match at the same time. This is basically a final option for being able to play the game as DICE haven't added private servers.

If you guys could please link your friends / teammates / rivals to this sign up thread, that would be greatly appreciated. (You can copy and paste from the PS4 browser into PSN messages).

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