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View the latest post DICE Have Removed Spectator Mode from SWBF 3

It seems that DICE have either intentionally or accidentally removed the ability for players to spectate private matches on SWBF 3. The four person box which normally appears to the left side of the two boxes listing both teams has disappeared. This means that the spectator mode we use to stream the matches which features a free-cam, player outlines, and player following is no longer accessible.

For us, this is a horrible change. We can no longer stream tournament matches using what was once a very useful spectate feature. I can confirm that this is happening on PS4 and PC right now. If I can get information about this happening on Xbox One I will edit this post to include that information. Thank you to u/TGKDR on Reddit for confirming that [...]

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View the latest post Star Wars Battlefront 3 DLC 4 Rogue One: Scarif Patch Notes

The fourth DLC for Battlefront 3 came out today and DICE posted the patch notes on their forums this morning. I'm gonna copy paste them here so you guys can check it out, and I might make a post later with my opinion on some of the changes they made.

Below are the patch notes specific to PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One for the Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif patch update.
New Content for DLC Owners:
New levels: Four new maps set on Scarif and in space above the planet.
New game mode: Infiltration.
- A three-phased mode in which Rebels must first breach the shield surrounding Scarif by escorting a U-wing to the Shield Gate. Once they’ve landed, their objective is to create a diversion by blowing up an Imperial cargo ship. Immediatel [...]

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