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View the latest post PS4 Cargo II Sign Ups are Now Open!

Hello everyone, the sign ups are now officially open for our second Cargo tournament on PS4.

You can sign up by clicking this link:
Sign ups will be open from today until midnight eastern time on November 2nd.

We had 16 teams sign up for our last infantry tournament on PS4, so a reasonable goal would be to get 16 or greater teams. The real goal is to get as many as possible, as always. If you guys could please tell your friends / teammates / rivals what the signup link is, that would be greatly appreciated. (You can copy and paste from the PS4 browser into PSN messages).

As usual I will wait approximately 1 week into the signup phase to see who signs up of their own accord or through the efforts of you guys, and then I will [...]

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View the latest post Battlefront $40 Ultimate Edition

Check out this post from DICE:
http://starwars.ea.com/starwars/battlef ... is-holiday

They are releasing a new version of the ultimate edition of the game which includes the main game and all 4 DLC packs for a lower price. According to other websites its going to cost $40. I'm not sure if its a disc or a download only.

So this is pretty good. Its kinda bad in the sense that I paid a lot more than $40 for the game, but because of my history with SWBF2 I was going to get it and the DLC for it when it came out, no matter how bad it looked. This could be a good thing as it might bring in some small amount of people who have never owned the game before who would like to try competing with a a team, and all these people will have the DLC for a much [...]

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