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View the latest post Bespin Full Patch Notes

New content for DLC owners:

New Environment:
Five new maps set around or on Cloud City.

New Weapons
X-8 Night Sniper: A blaster pistol with a focus on long range and a night vision scope.
EE-4: Spread burst weapon with short-to-medium range and high damage.

New Star Cards:
Shock Grenade: A non-lethal grenade with a small radius that will stun opponents caught in the blast.
Scout Binoculars: Outlines enemy soldiers when zooming through the goggles. After pressing fire, any soldiers in line of sight get tagged for your entire team for 4-5 seconds.
Disruption: Instantly overheats the weapons of any soldiers in close proximity to the player.

New Heroes:
Lando Calrissian
- Power Blast – Once activated it will give a critical modifier on Lando’s blaster fire [...]

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View the latest post Congratulations to MMR!

Congratulations to MMR for their championship victory over APOC by winning two games to one in an intense series! It was a hard fought series, and there were great plays by players on both teams. In the end, MMR came out on top.

Imperial Station - Draw
Imperial Station SD1 - Draw
Imperial Station SD2 - APOC win
Goazan Badlands - MMR win
Rebel Base - MMR win

Great effort by both teams, and once again congratulations to the Cargo Tournament Champions, MMR!

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