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View the latest post Congratulations to Bangkok Thai Fighters!

Congratulations to Bangkok Thai Fighters for their victory in the Cargo III finals over Syn3rgy. Bangkok Thai Fighters managed to win the finals two maps to none.

The first map was Imperial Station, with BTF winning 6-4. The second map was Imperial Hangar. BTF won this map with a score of 8-2 to close out the match and the whole tournament.

Imperial Station - BTF win 6-4
Imperial Hangar - BTF win 8-2

Great effort by both teams to make it to the finals, and again congratulations to Bangkok Thai Fighters, the Cargo III champions!

Thanks to @
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and HoboMan6525 for streaming the match. Thank you to everyone who helped with doing stats for this tournament including: @
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, HoboMan6525, @
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, @
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, and all the clan leaders who were, for the most part, very on top of taking screenshots or videos of their match scoreboards. Also thank you to all the members of all 25 teams that competed in this tournament. I hope you all enjoyed competing.

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View the latest post Congratulations to Team 0five?!

Congratulations to Team 0five for their forfeit win in the Xbox One Drop Zone I finals over 5-0.

Normally I would put the map scores here, but since there weren't any there's nothing to say about this match really. The last match 05 played was a 3-0 victory over Fawncarry in the semifinals.

Great effort by both teams to make it to the finals, and again congratulations to Team 0five, the Xbox One Drop Zone I champions!

I want to thank @
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for rounding up enough teams to convince me to run this tournament. Even though the teams were way less active than he was anticipating, and even though his own team had to drop out, this event would not have happened if it weren't for his effort.

If any Xbox One players would like us to host another tournament please post on the forums. I can be convinced to do another one, but it's going to take a lot more active clan leaders demonstrating to me that they have a solid number of members that play the game often, and they have to show me that they will actually use the site to organize their matches.

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