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View the latest post SWBF2 (PS2) Winter Tournament 2017-18 Sign-Ups

Rules, format, and dates are currently being discussed by the committee (Delta, Mike, JJ, Pimp, Shotty, myself, Dyablo). We'll probably start shortly after Thanksgiving. Sign your clan up in the following format:

Team name:

Team Tag (optional):



If you are a free agent, sign up with a reply to this topic in this format:

In game name:

Best way to contact:

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View the latest post Battlefront Community Network (BFCN)

What’s up guys!
Me and Krlday have started a new weekly series talking about latest BFC news regarding matches, teams, players, and the community in general.

If you guys are interested in checking out the first episode, check out the BFC YouTube channel or click the following link

Please give as much feedback on the video or message me via Playstation @LA_Galaxy_17

All ideas are accepted! Thanks!

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