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What’s up guys!
Me and Krlday have started a new weekly series talking about latest BFC news regarding matches, teams, players, and the community in general.

If you guys are interested in checking out the first episode, check out the BFC YouTube channel or click the following link

Please give as much feedback on the video or message me via Playstation @
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All ideas are accepted! Thanks!

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View the latest post PS4 Multi-Mode Sign Ups are Now Open! - Sign Up Here!

Hello everyone, the sign ups are now officially open for our first Multi-Mode tournament on PS4.

You can sign up by posting in this thread and filling out this info:

Copy and Paste this Form in Your Own Post in this Thread to Sign Up
Team Name:
Team Tag / Abbreviation:
Team Roster (Exact PSNs):

Sign ups will be open from now until midnight eastern time on September 11th.
Click here to view a summary of the rules.

EDIT: I also should mention that teams require at least 4 players.

If you guys want you can also include additional info like a clan / team website or the Twitch / YouTube streams of your players. The 3 things in the form are the only things that are required though, so make sure to get those right. Also, this tournament won't have mid-tourney roster additions (format dependent), so it's in your best interest as a clan leader to list out everyone you could possibly have play for your team on your roster now because you won't be able to add players after the first match gets played. If you need to edit your roster before the tourney starts but after you signed up, edit your forum post or make a new post in this thread.

We are setting the initial signup deadline for about 2 weeks from today. Also please note that it is entirely possible that we will be extending this signup phase past that deadline. If we do get a decent amount before the 11th though then it will not be extended. If the signups begin to drag on for too long we will cut them off at some point even if we have to end them at an odd number. If that happens then we will most likely have to do a format like double elim or a ladder.

We had 32 teams sign up for Drop Zone IV on PS4, and that was our biggest tourney on the game so far. A good goal in my opinion would be to get 32 or greater teams. If you guys could please link your friends / teammates / rivals to this sign up thread, that would be greatly appreciated. (You can copy and paste from the PS4 browser into PSN messages).

As usual I will wait approximately 1 week into the signup phase to see who signs up of their own accord or through the efforts of you guys, and then I will start posting on the DICE forums, reddit, the reddit discord, PSN communities, and sending PSN messages to past teams players who didn't sign up and new teams if I manage to find any.

Also to let you guys know, for this tournament there is going to be a longer setup process because we have to pick all the maps for every round after we know what format we will be doing. So expect there to be a little bit more time between signups closing and the tournament starting than the usual less than 1 day time frame we usually have.

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