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On behalf of the rest of the staff I would like to welcome everyone to our new site!
Please read through the updated community rules and guidelines here: rules

Just a quick disclaimer that the site is not 100% finished but our team has been and will continue to work long hours in order to bring the community the best website we can possibly create.

That said, everything important to running the community and forums is functional. The chat box is below the news posts on the home page and the forums are up and running as they should be. We will keep everyone updated as we continue to put the finishing touches in place and we thank you for your patience.

I'm going to take this time to officially announce the official BFC TeamSpeak 3 server! The server address is "theswbfc.com" and there should be no password required to get in. The TeamSpeak can be used as a place to hang out, to set up scrims and matches and it is encouraged you take advantage of our "Team" rooms for a secure place to communicate with your team during matches.\

Thanks to Mike, Kratos, Demon Blade, and {Delta} for their work in transferring information, contributing new ideas, and work on beautifying the site and a HUGE thank you to Dark and Khaos Rage for their hard work in creating and making this an excellent website.

Thanks everyone for doing your best to make this a seamless transition, if you have any questions or criticisms be sure to let us know, and be on the look out for more information regarding this season's Hall of Fame class and season 12! :)

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View the latest post The Force Awakens teaser #2

Today is truly a great day to be a Star Wars fan. The second trailer was released. Which made many of us ecstatic.
The first edition the new trilogy is off to a great new start! Enjoy the trailer and grab some tissues you made need them.
What are your feelings?

They also released some promotional artwork for the movie. Mostly of Kylo Ren and the chrome storm trooper dude.

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