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View the latest post Congratulations to 322!

Congratulations to 322 for their victory in the Drop Zone IV finals over Mandalorian Mercenary Resistance. 322 managed to win the finals three maps to none.

The first map was Goazon Badlands, with 322 winning 5-3. The second map was Twilight on Hoth with 322 also winning 5-3. On both of the first two maps we saw very close pods. There were a few instances of MMR winning fights with just barely not enough time left after the fight to claim the pod. Both of these maps were pretty close because MMR was able to keep up with 322. The third map was Dune Sea Exchange, and 322 was able to close out the match and the tournament with a dominant 5-0 victory on this map.

Goazon Badlands - 322 win 5-3
Twilight on Hoth - 322 win 5-3
Dune Sea Exchange - 322 win 5-0

Great effort by both teams to make it to the finals, and again congratulations to 322, the Drop Zone IV champions!

Thanks to everyone who helped with streaming/commentating any of the tourney matches, there were a lot of you who helped out for this one.

Thank you so much to @
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for doing the individual stats for this tournament. It is a lot of work to compile them. All the clan leaders were, for the most part, very on top of taking screenshots or videos of their match scoreboards.

Lastly, thank you to all the members of all 32 teams that competed in this tournament. I hope you all enjoyed competing.

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View the latest post Poll for Next Upcoming PS4 Tournament Game Mode

For this poll the options are Cargo, Droid Run, Multi-Mode, and Blast. The poll will be open for a little under a week. It will be closed on Sunday, August 20th.

For the purposes of this poll, a vote for Multi-Mode will be a vote for this format below from last time, in which maps and modes are preset before the tourney starts in the rules (example is for best of 5, but it also works for best of 3 if we do that for the earlier stages, just ignore lines 4 and 5):

Drop Zone - Preset Map 1 - Higher Seed Faction
Cargo - Preset Map 2 - Lower Seed Faction
Droid Run - Preset Map 3 - Higher Seed Faction
Drop Zone - Preset Map 4 - Lower Seed Faction
Cargo - Preset Map 5 - Higher Seed Faction


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