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View the latest post Star Wars: Battlefront Multiplayer Gameplay

Its everything I could have hoped for, there are even music and announcers. This is what we've been waiting for, this is really it.

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View the latest post DICE Employee says Gameplay will be Revealed to all at E3

I'm a couple of days late but, DICE has posted over on starwars.ea.com stating that we will get to see gameplay at E3 this year. Here's the exact quote:
Niklas from DICE wrote:I really look forward to showing you all more from the game as we get closer to release, and for you guys who are asking me when you can see gameplay, I can tell you that we have great plans for E3.

So tune in starting June 15, because at E3 this year, Star Wars Battlefront gameplay will make its debut and we’re all super excited to show it to you.

And here's the full article:
http://starwars.ea.com/en_GB/starwars/b ... -galaxy-uk

On that page you can also see a photo from inside their booth at the Star Wars Celebration. They say around 3000 people have seen gameplay, and judging by the picture it seems like it was open to the general public and not just the press as I previously thought, but I'm not 100% sure.

We don't have video from that booth yet, but the gameplay was summarized on a few different sites, like here on IGN. The gameplay from the booth, based on the press descriptions, sounds like the trailer we all saw, played out in the game. I wonder if now DICE will make that footage available to everyone, or if we will get something entirely new come E3, which is in 29 days.

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