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View the latest post Poll for Next PS4 Tournament Game Mode

For this poll the options are Drop Zone, Droid Run, Multi-Mode, and Blast. The poll will be open for a little over a week. It will be closed on Friday, June 16th.

For the purposes of this poll, a vote for Multi-Mode will be a vote for this format below, in which maps and modes are preset before the tourney starts in the rules (example is for best of 5, but it also works for best of 3 if we do that for the earlier stages just ignore lines 4 and 5):

Drop Zone - Preset Map 1 - Higher Seed Faction
Cargo - Preset Map 2 - Lower Seed Faction
Droid Run - Preset Map 3 - Higher Seed Faction
Drop Zone - Preset Map 4 - Lower Seed Faction
Cargo - Preset Map 5 - Higher Seed Faction


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View the latest post SWBF2 Season 14 Sign-Ups (PS2)

This season's committee will be led by {Delta}, Acer, Iceman, Mike, Shotdown, JJ’, $$PIMP$$, and myself. The same rules from the winter tournament (viewtopic.php?f=118&t=1309) will be used. The season will begin on May 19th. The season will end on July 31st. Rosters will lock on June 30th. Playoff format is top 4 get in. The DNS is LAK currently runs the server; message him with any questions. Everything is subject to change.

Unconfirmed free agents based on winter tournament topic (message me for their contact info):

Sign up your clan with a reply to this topic in this format:

Team name:

Team Tag (optional):



If you are a free agent, sign up with a reply to this topic in this format:

In game name:

Best way to contact:

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