SWBF2 Winter Tournament Rules

Challenge Ring for the 2016-2017 Winter Tournament on SWBF2 on PS2.
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SWBF2 Winter Tournament Rules

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30 minutes, cap to 3 for CTF (no timer/first to 2 in playoffs); [Pending: tie is acceptable in regular season, which is worth 2 points.]

Streaming the match is required if a streamer is available. just streamer
Winning team is ultimately responsible for match reporting and stats submittal, but both teams should take pictures. Rule alterations can be made to individual matches pending third party staff and opposing team’s approvals. New rules are determined by council vote, which is comprised of every team’s representative. Rules not listed here are similar to classic BFC forum rules. Server priority hierarchy goes to the team battling, then the team who reserved it beforehand, and if neither did, the team who has battled less. Rule violations and grey areas will be ruled upon in a case by case scenario by the council.

Server Rules:
  • Team Damage on

  • Preferentially set Admin Messages Off

  • 120 second warm-up timer

  • 3 second spawn invincibility

  • Reinforcement count needs to be between 300 and 450

  • Conquest timer at 60 minutes

  • All EU vs US clan matches will be done in a New York (US) server, however EU will ALWAYS get to pick 3 maps

  • The Polis Massa mod which improves the Empire's base 3 spawn and the Death Star mod which fixed the reinforcement loss must be installed.

  • If many teams want to use a server at the same time, server priority goes to any teams who are currently doing a tournament battle in the server first. Then priority goes to any team who reserved the server beforehand first, and lastly if no clans reserved the server beforehand the team who has least total number of battles out of all the teams who want to use the server may use the server. If the groups teams who want to use the server have a tied amount of total battles, the person who owns the server will make a decision on who they let use the server.
Game Play:
  • Death Star, Mos Eisley, Coruscant, and Polis Massa CTF maps may be picked, but not any other CTF maps unless agreed upon by both clans. A clan can only pick a maximum of two CTF maps.

  • CTF capture limit is 3, time limit is 30 minutes.

  • Death Star CTF is a 30 minute first to 3 map during the regular season. In the playoffs the timer becomes a 1 hour map to a score of 3.

  • If the score is tied 2-2-1 (tie on a CTF map) at the end of a best of 5, a 6th map is chosen in continuing alternating fashion (whoever picked map 4, picks map 6). Additionally, clans may agree to settle the tied map by playing it again as no timer first to 1 sudden death. This applies even if the CTF map that tied was not 5th map in a best of 5 battle.

  • In the case that a CTF map ties, and it is not the fifth map of a best of five, the battle moves on to the next map. If the rest of the battle is played out and the score remains tied at 2-2-1 the above rule is used to break the tie (either picking a 6th map or agreeing to play the tied map until a victor is decided). If a team reaches 3 map wins after a tie on the first map the battle ends as a 3-0 with the opposing clan receiving -2 points. Ties do not count as a won map.

  • Galactic Civil Era only, unless both teams agree

  • Minimum size for a battle is 3v3, preferable is 4v4

  • 3v3 battles cannot have the following maps: Hoth, Endor, Dagobah, Kashyyyk, Kamino, Felucia, Death Star (conquest), Naboo, and Yavin

  • If your clan has 4 members available - they must make it a 4v4

  • Any higher than a 4v4 is optional, even if it is planned as higher than a 4v4. the default is 4v4.

  • If at any point someone lags out, only the player that lagged out may come back during the map

  • If a player drops mid match and no replacement can be found, the team that did NOT lose the player chooses which class to drop. Even if the battle is a 5v5, 2 snipers, the clan that still has 5 members can choose to drop the engineer, grunt, or rocket if they prefer and keep the 2 snipers

  • If at any point someone lags out, both sides play on unless it is before the first spawn of the map (sometimes the server lags users out right as the warm-up timer hits zero, this will require a replayed map)

  • No glitching

  • No using command post light to switch your unit to give it invincibility or to instantly reload

  • No super pistoling (switching rapidly between the rifle and pistol while firing), no super detpacking, No Tanks, No turrets (autoturrets are allowed)

  • No switching classes at all in a class specific battle (ex. You cannot switch to engineer for health/ammo. However you can swap with a teammate in between maps. You can also sub players between maps.)

  • Other specific terms about class restrictions must be agreed upon before the battle: i.e. can a "flex" switch between its optional classes during a map or only between maps. Another example is can a player chose to revert to a non-special class in battle involving specials. If a dispute occurs because the terms were not agreed upon before the battle begins, the map in which the dispute arises is replayed.

  • No space walking AT ALL (Polis Massa)

  • Any map in the Galactic Civil War era may be picked

  • The team that posts the topic first picks whether they want 3 unique maps or 3 factions (besides EU, which always gets the option)

  • A spectator is required, any disputes that cannot be figured out by staff will be replayed if it was without a spectator approved by both clans

  • It is preferrential to have a video recording spectator

  • If a team is unable to field enough players for a battle, they may ask the opposing team if they will allow a ringer. Maximum amount of 1 ringer per team. There is no ringing allowed in the playoffs or gauntlet.

  • During the warm-up timer, do not kill players on the opposing team. (The reason for this is because if you get any rewards in the warm-up timer, it will translate to the actual map.) If this happens once by accident, it's fine. However, if a player is deliberately killing players on the other team and gets awards then it will result in a forfeit of the map.

  • If Hoth is a chosen map, make sure to clarify prior to the battle, whether or not spawning in at the AT-ATs and Shield Generator will be permitted.

  • Also teams need to clarify beforehand if using Tauntauns or not will be allowed for the map.

  • Excessive destruction and repairing of the bomb beacon or the turret on Hoth or the turbine on Tantive IV or Gate Wench on Kashyyyk to get award weapons is not allowed.

  • If a player leaves before the stat screen, his score will be recorded in that stat sheet as 0-10 for that map. If a player repeatedly leaves before the end screen, a stiffer punishment may be issued.

  • If a player leaves a clan it is up to the leader or leaders of the clan the player left if said player should incur a temporary restriction from participation in battles. This restriction lasts for 5 days.

  • If 3v3, default classes are grunt/sniper, rocket, engineer unless agreed upon by both teams to do differently, the grunt/sniper by default will be able to swap between these 2 classes at any time within a map
Point System:
  • +1 for win

  • -2 for loss

  • +1 for every map won

  • -3 for refusal to play/forfeit (subject to suspension from ladder)

  • +x (variable points based on conditions of forfeit) for 'winner' of a forfeit

  • Clans may not play the same clan again more than 2 times in a night (approx. maximum of 2 battles every 18 hours vs. same opponent)

  • Teams must battle another team they have faced less often first when choosing between battling two teams. Similarly clans should not attempt to game the system by purposefully playing matches against only specific opponents or even repeatedly intentionally throwing individual maps or whole battles
  • The minimum number of played battles to qualify for playoffs is 7; if multiple teams are below 7 battles, the team(s) with more matches played makes the playoffs.

  • The playoff format will be based on the regular season results. Teams will earn seeds based on their regular season rankings. The 6th seed will play the 3 seed, the 5 seed will play the 4 seed, and the top 2 seeds have a bye, the 7th seed and below don't get in. The 1 seed will play the lowest winning seed from round one in round two.

  • Playoffs start date is December 30th, 2016. No battles occurring after midnight eastern time on December 30th, 2016 will count. Battles that were started before midnight may count.

  • Playoff rosters lock 7 days in advance

  • Tie Breakers

  • Head-to-Head Record

  • Win %

  • Map Win %

  • Play-in Game

  • Tie Breakers (3-way+)

  • Win %

  • Map Win %

  • Play-in Game(s)
Additional Rules:
[*]The regular season of the tournament runs from December 16th, 2016 to December 29th, 2016 as an open ladder competition.
[*]The playoffs run from December 30th, 2016 to January 10th, 2017. Open competition
[*]All battles must be documented in forum topics and reported accordingly.
[*]If any one person would like to stream a match in the tournament, they may not be refused entry into the server, and they may not be refused their ability to stream while spectating.
[*]Stream ghosting is grimy and discouraged, but we cannot regulate it. Please try to use a delay on your stream if you are streaming a tournament match and you feel a team could gain valuable information from it.
[*]Any questions or concerns, contact @
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(vsternv) on Skype.
[*]Breaking any rule may result in a map forfeit or battle forfeit.

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