#7 322 vs. #8 Syn3rgy (Tiebreaker)[Completed]

Matchups posted and sorted out for the third Cargo tournament on PS4.
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#7 322 vs. #8 Syn3rgy (Tiebreaker)[Completed]

Post#1 » Wed May 24, 2017 6:27 am

In our format of 5 groups of 5, there are 2 byes in the bracket stage. In order to determine who gets these byes we looked at map scores, (BTF, 322, and S3 were all 8-0 in maps) and then cargo scores. BTF had the highest ratio of cargo boxes captured to lost so they are #1. S3 and 322 are actually tied in this category (ignoring a forfeit win for S3 and 322's worst game and just comparing 3 matches they played). Because they are tied on maps and cargo scores we need to go to the last tiebreaker which is a best of 3 match to determine who is 2 and who is 3. All normal rules apply. This is not an elimination match.

You may use this topic to organize this match. 322 is the higher seed for this match and may decide if they want 2 map picks or 2 faction side picks. The deadline to complete this match is Wednesday, May 31st.

Side note, this match takes place before round 1 of the playoff bracket begins for 322. This means that xEpZiiLion isn't eligible yet. 322 may ask Syn3rgy to use him early as a gentleman's agreement.

322 have won this match 2-1.

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