Summary of Multi-Mode Rules

Matchups posted and sorted out for the first Multi-Mode tournament on PS4
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Summary of Multi-Mode Rules

Post#1 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:32 am

I just wanted to make a smaller post that lists some of the basic rules.
This post isn't where the full rules are that will be used to settle disputes. The full rules can be found by clicking here.

Rules Summary:
  • All of the rules listed here are the default rules, if both you and your opponent think a certain rule is stupid, you can make what is called a "gentleman's agreement" to change something. Some examples of this could be allowing traits, banning the EE-3, allowing triangle cards, banning scout binoculars, or doing a 3v3.
    • Teams may not make gentleman's agreements to allow ringers or change game modes or maps.
  • Any of the original main game’s eleven primary weapons can be used. Any guns added in free or paid updates prior to the to the tournament are also allowed with 2 exceptions.
    • The EE-4 is banned.
    • The TL-50 Heavy Repeater is banned.
  • No traits are allowed for this tournament. Every trait in the game is banned.

  • All Charged Star Cards (Middle Star Cards that are activated with Triangle), are banned by default for this tournament.
    • The rifle mode of the A180 is not considered a Charged Star Card, and it is allowed.
  • Any of the main game and free update side Star Cards (Cards that go on L1 and R1) may be used freely with these exceptions.
    • The Pulse Cannon Star Card is banned.
    • The Bowcaster Star Card is banned.
    • The Bacta Bomb Star Card is banned.
    • The Thermal Detonator Star Card is limited to 2 copies per team.
  • All paid DLC side Star Cards (Cards that go on L1 and R1) are allowed by default for this tournament and may be used freely with these exceptions.
    • The Scatter Gun Star Card is banned.
    • The Shock Grenade Star Card is banned.
    • The Medical Droid Star Card is banned.
    • The Dioxis Grenade Star Card is limited to 1 per team.
  • Minimum battle size is 4v4, maximum battle size is whatever the map or mode allows for.

  • The format is a group stage leading into a single elimination bracket. There will be 5 groups of 5 teams each. The top 2 teams in each group will move on to a top 10 bracket. The format is almost exactly the same as Cargo 3. The group stage deadline is the night of October 3rd.

  • The tournament will basically be on pause during the beta for the new game. Teams may still play tourney matches during this time but we will not penalize anyone for not being able to play during the beta.

  • After the tournament starts no players may be added to a teams' roster. The tournament starts when the first match has been played.

  • Group stage matches and any necessary tiebreakers are best 2 out of 3. Matches in the top 10 bracket will be best 3 out of 5.

  • If a Drop Zone or Droid Run map ties, the whole map is replayed with the same factions. If a Cargo map ties, it is replayed in sudden death format with the same factions, the next team to score will win.

  • Matches cannot be postponed once teams have started playing. Make a gentleman's agreement with your opponents to finish the match at a later time if your team really needs to go. If no agreement is reached, the team that cannot continue playing will forfeit all remaining maps in the battle.

  • If a team breaks a rule (like using a banned card) and the opposing team disputes the result of the match over it, the map is replayed. If the same team breaks the same rule again after it was explained to them, they forfeit that map.

  • All maps and modes are preset. For best 2 out of 3s, the higher seed will pick their factions on maps 1 and 3. The lower seeded team will pick their faction for map 2. For best 3 out of 5s, the higher seed picks their factions on maps 1, 3, and 5. The lower seeded team picks their faction for maps 2 and 4.

  • The developers of the game have made the season pass free. Because of this DLC maps will be included in this tournament.
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Re: Summary of Multi-Mode Rules

Post#2 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:06 pm

Rules are 100% fair :D

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