PS2 SWBF2 Season 15 Rules

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PS2 SWBF2 Season 15 Rules

Post#1 » Tue Apr 03, 2018 11:25 am

The BFC staff reserves the right to add, amend or remove any and all competition rules at any point during the season. The regular season will start May 4th, and end August 6th. The playoffs will begin immediately after. The trade deadline will be June 20th. Playoff format TBD.

a. Server Rules

i. Server must be a paid-for (no downloaded servers).

ii. Team Damage set to On.

iii. Awards on.

iv. 2 second spawn invincibility.

v. Galactic Civil War Conquest/CTF maps only.

vi. Conquest timer set to 60 minutes, reinforcement limit set to 300-450 (200 in server manager is 300 in game).

vii. CTF timer set to 30 minutes, capture limit set to 3. Tantive is 5 flags. Death Star is 1 hour in the playoffs, and if tied, goes to sudden death 30 minutes. If still tied, the team that picked the 4th map picks another map as the tiebreaker.

viii. 30 host simulation rate.

ix. Max bandwidth.

x. Warm-up timer to 60 seconds.

xi. Server must have Polis Massa base mod and Death Star reinforcement fix mod.

b. Prohibitions

i. Non CTF/Conquest game modes

ii. Wall glitching (projectile spots are allowed)

iii. Detpack glitching

iv. Spawn-jumping the warm-up timer

v. Swapping to another class (including engy to heal yourself)

vi. Swapping on CP light (to negate reload)

vii. Map feature award-farming (like Tantive turbine)

viii. Specials (unless agreed upon)

ix. Clone Wars (unless agreed upon)

x. Tanks

xi. Turrets (auto-turrets are allowed)

xii. Heroes

xiii. AI

xiv. Glitching, hacking, cheating. If a player is suspected of cheating, the BFC staff will fully investigate with whatever means necessary

xv. Super-pistoling

c. Gameplay Situation Rules

i. In the case that a CTF map ties, the battle moves on to the next map. If the rest of the battle is played out and the score remains tied at 2-2-1 (or the CTF map was the 5th map), a 6th map is chosen in continuing alternating fashion (whoever picked map 4, picks map 6). Additionally, clans may agree to settle the tied map by playing it again as no timer first to 1 sudden death. This applies even if the CTF map that tied was not 5th map in a best of 5 battle.

ii. Minimum size for a battle is 3v3, preferable is 4v4. If your clan has 4 members available - they must make it a 4v4. Any higher than a 4v4 is optional, even if it is planned as higher than a 4v4, the default is 4v4. There must be at least one of each non-special class, and in the event of a 5v5 or higher, the doubled up class(es) (or special(s)) and their flexibility must be specified beforehand.

iii. If at any point someone lags out, only the player that lagged out may come back during the map. Both sides play on unless it is before the first spawn of the map (requiring a replayed map). If a player drops mid match (after a map ends) and no replacement can be found, the team that did NOT lose the player chooses which class to drop. Even if the battle is a 5v5, 2 snipers, the clan that still has 5 members can choose to drop the engineer, grunt, or rocket if they prefer and keep the 2 snipers. You can only sub in players in-between maps.

iv. Room should be provided for one spectator (or two, if they are commentating together) who can stream the match if desired. This spectator cannot be refused. One player in the match is encouraged to stream the battle to prevent disputes.

v. If a team is unable to field enough players for a battle, they may ask the opposing team if they will allow a ringer. Maximum amount of 1 ringer per team. Players who haven't played for the BFC before or in a long time are prioritized for ringers. There is no ringing allowed in the playoffs.

vi. If a player leaves before the stat screen, his score will be recorded in that stat sheet as 0-0-10 for that map. If a player repeatedly leaves before the end screen, a stiffer punishment may be issued. This is up to the discretion of the statistician.

vii. Space-walking on Polis Massa is currently allowed.

viii. Teams can make gentleman's agreements for pretty much anything. Check with a BFC staff member to confirm per instance.

d. Player Movement

i. Players cannot be traded or join different teams past the deadline. If traded, players must agree to play with that team until at least the deadline.

ii. Players who haven’t played in a battle during the season can join any clan at any time. If a player is cut by a team after the deadline, they can join whichever team they want.

e. Point System

i. +1 for win

ii. -2 for loss

iii. +1 for every map won

iv. -3 for refusal to play/forfeit (subject to suspension from ladder)

v. +x (variable points based on conditions of forfeit) for 'winner' of a forfeit

f. Clan Challenging

i. Clans may not play the same clan again more than 2 times in a row.

ii. Maximum 1 CTF map chosen per team; teams can choose only Conquest maps if they wish.

iii. If a clan has a long outstanding challenge with another clan, they must play that clan as soon as they are available to play rather than playing other opponents. If a clan does have the members available to play, and then chooses to play other opponents, this is considered an act of battle dodging. If this act of dodging occurs 3 times against the same team, the clan will incur -3 points from a forfeit. Subsequent acts of dodging will result in the penalty being doubled to -6 points, -12 points and so on.

iv. Clans should not attempt to game the system by purposefully playing matches against only specific opponents or even intentionally throwing individual maps or whole battles.

v. Winning team must report matches through the site. Statistics can be retrieved through the server manager's .csv file. Times must be noted either through messages to the statistician or in the report.

vi. In the event that a match can’t be finished, teams must reschedule to finish the match another time rather than request a forfeit. Completing the match is prioritized over other matches.

vii. Challenge Format:

Map 1 (Clan A) -> Faction 1 (Clan B) ->
Map 2 (Clan B) -> Faction 2 (Clan A) ->
Map 3 (Clan A) -> Faction 3 (Clan B) ->
Map 4 (Clan B) -> Faction 4 (Clan A) ->
Map 5 (Clan A) -> Faction 5 (Clan B)

Maps and factions are picked one at a time. The challenging clan determines whether they are Clan A or Clan B. The winner is the team that wins 3 maps first.

g. Playoffs

i. The higher seed will have the choice of 3 maps or 3 factions, and whether they want to pick their maps first or second. In this case, maps are not picked one at a time - Clan A picks 3 maps, Clan B picks 2 maps and 3 factions on Clan A's maps, Clan A picks 2 factions on Clan B's maps.

ii. Tie Breakers

i. Head-to-Head Record

ii. Win %

iii. Map Win %

iv. Play-in Game

iii. Tie Breakers (3-way+)

i. Win %

ii. Map Win %

iii. Play-in Game(s)

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