Hero Showdown Rules

Information for the Hero Showdown test tournament on SWBFEA2.
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Hero Showdown Rules

Post#1 » Sun May 27, 2018 2:15 am

These are the official rules we will be using to run this tournament and settle all matters related to it.

Gameplay and Teams:
  • It is up to team captains to ensure that their team members are aware of and agree to the conditions of the match.

  • All Star Cards, rarities, and Heroes/Villains are allowed in this tournament.

  • No ringing allowed whatsoever. Only players whose PSN account names appear on your team's roster, which was submitted at the beginning of the tournament, may play in tournament matches. Players may not be on more than one team. This rule may not be altered with gentleman's agreements.

  • If someone lags out, loses internet or disconnects during the 60-second pregame timer completes itself, the lobby must be remade, and the map restarted.
    • In the event that this occurs to your teammate, you must make it abundantly clear to the opposing team team that your teammate was unable to connect to the match. This should be done by respawning (by pressing the OPTIONS button on your PS4 controller and selecting Restart) and crouching. Demonstrate absolutely no fighting back and leave the match. Then message the opposing team’s leader about what happened and re-make the lobby.
  • If Playstation Network, or DICE's servers go down for everyone in the match, or if the lobby crashes during a map for everyone in the game, the round is replayed.

  • If a player disconnects from a map after the match has already started, the map is played out regardless. Teams will then remake the lobby before the start of the next random map to ensure the player may reconnect.

  • Teams are required to set their matchmaking region to “US, Virginia” by default. However, if both teams agree to use a different region, a gentleman’s agreement is allowed.

  • Team rosters are limited to 2 players per team.

  • Attempting to alter or interrupt an opponent’s internet connection is strictly prohibited, and if proof, within reasonable doubt, can be obtained of this occurring, the perpetrator will be prohibited from participating in this competition and competitions in the future.

  • No cheating.

  • If a player is suspected of cheating, the admins and staff have the right to ask said player to record or stream their game play in tournament matches and make those recordings available to the staff if they wish to continue to play in tournament matches, if they do not comply then their team will be penalized.

  • No glitching.

  • If any match is disputed, and there is not enough clear evidence from either side to settle the dispute, the match is replayed.

  • Anytime a round ties it is replayed.

  • If DICE release a patch for the game during the course of the tournament, the tournament will continue uninterrupted.

  • If any new maps, Star Cards, or Heroes/Villains are added to the game during the course of the tournament, they will not be allowed by default.

  • If DICE make changes on a gameplay level or add additional features to the game outside of gameplay, we reserve the right to change or add a rule regarding these changes that the developers have made.

  • We reserve the right to make an emergency change to a rule or add an additional rule. For example this probably would only be done if DICE accidentally introduced a detrimental problem into the competition via a bug or other intended or unintended problem.

  • Breaking or not following any rule may rule may result in a map forfeit or match forfeit.

  • Players will be expected to, at the very least, take a screenshot of the post game screen
    • This can be done extremely easily by holding the SHARE button on your PS4 controller for three seconds.
    • This can also be configured with your PS4’s settings to make the SHARE button take screenshots with one button press.
    • These screenshots are the minimum requirement needed as proof of a map, and thus a match, occurring.
  • It is preferential that there be a streamed or recorded video of the battle. This can be on either Twitch or Youtube, or as a file on your PS4’s hard drive. All of these options can be done via your PS4’s SHARE button menu.
    • The PS4 automatically records a video of a certain amount of time back in your play session. You can use this video if you forgot to take a screenshot. You can also make the time window longer in the PS4’s settings.
  • Teams may not change their team names or tags once the first round of the tournament has begun unless in certain circumstances, such as having an inappropriate name.

  • Teams may not register for this tournament with the exact same tag or name as another existing team in the tournament.

  • Matches may not be postponed once started. Teams may not intentionally leave between maps. If this happens the team that is unable to continue the match will forfeit all remaining maps in the battle.

  • Stream ghosting is grimy and discouraged, but we cannot regulate it. Please try to use a delay on your stream if you are streaming a tournament match and you feel a team could gain valuable information from it.

  • This tournament's format will consist of a double elimination bracket.

  • Matches will be a best of 5 random maps, win by two format. If a team does not have 2 more wins over their opponent after 5 maps, sudden death will occur until one team wins by 2 maps or a 7th map is played.
    • A minimum of 3 maps must be played, after 3 maps have been played if one team has won all 3 maps the match is over and the leading team has won. After map 3, teams enter a win by two format. If a team at any point in the match leads by 2 or more maps the match is over and the leading team wins. If no team has taken a lead of two by the 7th final map, then whoever has the lead at the end of the 7th map wins.
    • Possible scores for victory are: 3-0, 3-1, 4-2, and 4-3.
  • Team placement within the bracket will be randomized.

  • Teams will search for a match at the same time as their opponents and attempt to queue snipe each other to complete their match. If teams end up in a match with the wrong opponents, they will need to leave and search again at the same time as their planned opponents. Open communication with the opposing team will help when attempting to get into the same match.

  • We will be handing out all forfeits for late and other rule-breaking teams (if necessary).

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