looking for a clan

To sign-up as a free agent or for clans to recruit members.
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looking for a clan

Post#1 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 5:08 am

What is your Origin/PSN/XBL name?: origin/steam: jmxwell
How old are you?(optional): 19
Do you have a Headset/Mic: yes
Previous Clans: (SWBF2 Classic PS2 Clans: STR, GoR, vVv, etc.) Never got a chance to join a clan on either of the newer battlefront games unfortunately.
What is your best gun?: A280-CFE I guess, but I never usually stuck to one class/weapon and I'm also little rusty since it's been a little bit since I've played.
What is your favorite star card loadouts?: N/A
What game modes do you like to play the most?: Conquest / CTF on the classic game and strike on the newest one.
How can any of the clans here contact you?: discord/steam msg
Why should any of the clans here accept you?: I can guarantee activity and loyalty if I'm accepted into a clan. I don't really have much to do most of the time and I've really wanted to be a part of a community for a good bit now so that's mainly why I'm here.
How did you hear about this website?: I saw a server with this website url on the original bf2 server list.

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