Community Walker Assault/Big Game Mode Event?

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Community Walker Assault/Big Game Mode Event?

Post#1 » Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:12 pm

What's good fam.

A couple of us in R thought it might be cool to have a community event for all of us in the BFC to get some people back in the game even if it's just for one day. In this case we could have a large private Walker Assault/Turning Point/Supremacy game with everyone from the community (I personally think TP could get really intense). This has been an idea that's been floating around in R whenever we are bored and sick of public matches. Who knows, it could be really fun and competitive. Obviously something like this is hard to coordinate, but maybe a prize or small reward of some sort could work for the winning team/top 3 players? If we all chip in $5-10, that could add up to something decent.

It could also even be commentated, because why not. In comparison I would think of it as a competitive Battlefield event. We would really get to see who shines (this is where we could find teams for our "All-Star game", top players from each side get picked).

Just an idea.
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