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Re: Mini-Tournaments

Post#11 » Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:46 pm

Ok so you guys are mostly saying we needed to have the ladder have playoffs at the end, or have really available, active teams that were easy to set up and play with, in order to put the effort in to do ladder matches. Mixed team scrimmages will always be the least team commitment to set up, that's for sure. On SWBF2 before season 5 people would pretty much just brag about their ladder records from what I understand. Some teams would even put their records from scrimmages on their websites, and that was enough for them to be proud of, lol. Maybe we can close this ladder at some point and create one that has playoffs for the next one.

I obviously want to give teams more for winning, and I tried to get something from DICE too, but I don't think it will bring in that many new teams. I think the kind of teams that really like and want to compete on this game will just play regardless, and the teams that only marginally care will compete in 1 or 2 competitions before moving on to a different game. It might help bring in new teams for their first event though, and if they liked it they might continue to play. Obviously I'm not opposed to doing it, I don't think it would hurt anything that's for sure. Its just about where we get prizes from.

Last tournament I think we were fine with the deadlines, I mean we did make it stricter, as was the plan. Basically we did 2 weeks no extensions for groups and 1 week no extensions for the bracket. Not a single match went past the deadline or had a forfeit in the bracket. There were a lot of forfeits in the group stage, but from me being in the PSN messages with most of those teams, it was mostly all related to giving up, and it didn't have to do with not having enough time to play before the deadline. I don't think we would go back to having extensions being a thing given what we did last tournament. The only way I could see that happening is if we gave way less of a time window, and something serious came up.

And yea, wether we organize it or not, I expect that you guys will be testing out the new Death Star items, buffs, and nerfs in scrimmages so that you all can have informed opinions on what you would like to play with in tournament matches.

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