The Future of the BFC

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The Future of the BFC

Post#1 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:53 pm

Hey guys it's Wicked. I wanted to let everyone know what was going on behind the scenes for the BFC as a competitive community moving forward. I would like to preface with saying that these ideas and concepts are not unanimously agreed upon and not every idea will necessarily go through. However, these are just some of the ideas we are considering to better the community and make us more up to date with the times.

The first thing we wanted to address are cash prizes. While bragging rights are fun, and they have made a difference so far in this community, we wanted to be able to give back to the players and offer a cash pool. While we don't want to start putting money into this game (Star Wars: Battlefront), once Battlefront 2 releases, and private servers are enabled, we will start offering cash prizes for the teams.

With that being said, we are a competitive community and we were looking to make some changes to make the BFC an official looking and functioning organization. To get a decent enough prize pool, we were considering adding small entry fees to enter and join. It wouldn't be much and it would be a fee per team to help out and not make it too costly to play. This would allow our prize pools, based off current BFC registration to around $500 dollar prize pools per tournament. However, part of that would go towards site maintenance or adding additional software to better function the website. If this goes through, of course, we would lay out exactly what everything was going towards to be extremely transparent with where the money is going.

Now that I got your attention with prize money, I can talk about some of the more minor things that don't particularly affect the tournament itself. The website has been something very underutilized. This is pretty much agreed across the community and we will be making changes to the website, some which are already underway. The first thing, is we are trying to make the site more sleak and visually appealing. We will be making the homepage more useful to the players and making the forums more organized and less cluttered moving forward. The goal of the website will be to get people on and setting up matches on the website moving forward.

Speaking of setting up matches, one thing considered is bringing back ladder matches into Battlefront 2. Tournament length has been a hot topic so far in the game's lifespan and have brought up a lot of issues, either being discrepancies , seeding, or extensions in tournaments. One solution would be to make tournaments more far and in between to allow for advertising and getting people more excited for tournaments. If teams wish to keep up on their skill or just want to gain a higher seed, we would then offer ladder matches to give teams, at the very least, seeding going into all the tournaments. For example, the top team on the ladder, would be the number 1 seed going into the tournament. This doesn't mean the number 1 seed will win the tournament, as we all know by now, but it will reward the active, good teams going into Battlefront 2.

Additionally, the tournaments themselves would be shorter. With prize pools, I feel there is enough motivation to get matches done in the time granted whether it be a round-robin format, like how we have been doing it for the past year or so, double-elimination, like we ran the first few tournaments, or any other format that the BFC sets up.

Finally, we know the staff running the tournaments have been a conflict of interest. Specifically, myself. The goal of Battlefront 2 will be to have a couple "head" personnel to run and oversee the tournament. In addition to the head personnel, we will have a committee of players to help make rules and manage the tournament overall. The only issue the BFC would have with this so far is that the amount of people who wouldn't be playing on a team is limited. Most players in the community, I believe, would rather play than just manage so we might be doing some recruiting in the near future. We already have a couple people interested internally in the community, people that most people on Ps4 Battlefront are unfamiliar with or never heard of, but have been helping run things behind the scenes for a while now. Regardless, we'll be looking to move towards a more neutral staff, in addition to the player committee, soon enough.

I would like to re-emphasize that one hundred percent of these changes listed are all still the talking phase and little action, outside of the website changes, have a movement to begin working on them. One thing that we, the staff, need to do a better job of doing is getting information out to the public so they can understand what is going on behind the scenes, especially between tournaments. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read, good luck in the multi-mode tournament and see you on Battlefront 2.
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Re: The Future of the BFC

Post#2 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 7:40 pm

When is the next Battlefront 2 (PS4) tourney?

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