Dennis' response to our tweet regarding Private Matches

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Dennis' response to our tweet regarding Private Matches

Post#1 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:56 pm

Today our official twitter account, @
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SWBFC, tweeted out to Dennis Brännvall (Design Director for Battlefront II) regarding the addition of Private Matches to the game. Obviously this isn't as clear cut of a response as we'd like, we would have preferred a direct "yes" or "no", but this response feels like they are listening and could be a sign of good things to come.

DENNIS' RESPONSE TO PM'S.png (78.04 KiB) Viewed 1983 times

We will continue to reach out to developers to obtain a concrete response. Until then it's basically a waiting game, so I encourage all of you to tweet/post/do anything to get their attention regarding the addition of Private Matches. They are paying attention. Now that Dennis is allowed to communicate it's only a matter of time until we get more information. I, for one, cannot wait until this addition so we can get some tournaments going again. Fingers crossed.
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Re: Dennis' response to our tweet regarding Private Matches

Post#2 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:19 am

There's also a oficial EA survey been going around which had the option of ranked/competitive in the game itself. So 'when' it comes it'll probably not just be private matches but much more :)

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