#3 N2F vs. #6 Chicks with Snicks [Bracket Round 1]

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#3 N2F vs. #6 Chicks with Snicks [Bracket Round 1]

Post#1 » Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:48 am

You guys are set to play each other in this round of the bracket for the Drop Zone II tournament. N2F may ban the first map (they were the top of their group). Also note that this is single elimination.

You will have until Sunday night at midnight eastern on August 21st to get this match done, there will be no extensions, and if these two teams are incapable of playing within that time window, we will make a decision on who to forfeit based on who was more available to play, and how the teams communicated their availability to play. Good luck!

If you wanted to give this match a higher possibility of being streamed, please let me or one of the other staff members know what date and time you guys are intending to play as soon as you know.

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Re: #3 N2F vs. #6 Chicks with Snicks [Bracket Round 1]

Post#2 » Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:38 am

Map 1 : Raider Camp - CwS Victory - 5-1

Map 2 : Dune Sea Exchange - CwS Victory - 5-3

Awesome games. All of CwS enjoyed playing.

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