Summary of Heroes vs Villains Rules

Information for the Heroes vs. Villains tournament on SWBFEA2.
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Summary of Heroes vs Villains Rules

Post#1 » Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:07 am

This is a smaller post that lists some of the basic rules. This post isn't where the full rules are that will be used to settle disputes. The full rules can be found by clicking here.

Rules Summary:

This is a free-to-enter Tournament.

• Ringers,or substitutes not on the roster, are not allowed at any point in this tournament.

• This tournament is a best of 5. What this means is the first team to achieve 3 map wins secures a win. However, both teams must play both Heroes and Villains at least once to secure a win. This rule overrules the ‘best of 5.’

• If a player disconnects during the game, they are able to rejoin until a random player connects, If a random player connects, the team that disconnected loses the map. This is a very unfortunate rule, but with a lack of private matches, it is a must.

• All Star Cards will be banned by default except for the Finals match. During the Finals, all Star Cards and rarities will be allowed.

• All characters will be allowed for this tournament. However, if a new hero/villain is added to the game during the tournament, they will be banned by default.

• Teams will search for a match at the same time as their opponents and attempt to queue snipe each other to complete their match. Open communication with the opposing team will help when attempting to get into the same match.

• The player searching for each team must switch their matchmaking region to the same one. For this tournament, it will be “US, Virginia” by default. However, since not everyone lives in North America, teams should discuss the best region to search ahead of time.
o For example, two teams from Spain and France may agree to play in “Germany” ping site. Or two teams playing in US West may agree to play on “US, Oregon” etc.

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