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Server List Donations

Post#1 » Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:38 pm

SWBFGamers, the people who host SWBFSpy, are having a donation drive. SWBFSpy is the master server list we all use to play SWBF2, and also SWBF1, on PS2. Without them the game would not be up right now. They also host the DNS server which is also essential for keeping PS2 up. If the DNS server goes down the DNS numbers that pretty much everyone uses in their PS2 to connect would have to change. Lastly they also host the 2 SWBFgamers servers on the server list. They host the master server list and some game servers for the PC version of the game as well.

People should use this link to see the donation page:

As you guys can see from @
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's post, it costs around $85 per year to keep the master server lists running for all of PS2 and PC on both of the first two Battlefront games. Kinda makes you think how ridiculous it is that GameSpy / Glu Mobile / LucasArts / EA did not decide to take on this bill in order to keep the games up themselves. For those companies I believe $85 a year is nothing.

They also pay about $195 per year for all of their game servers, and that also matters to PS2 players to because they allow some of us to have remote manager access to these servers. The DNS server is also running on this machine.

They have raised $65 out of the goal of $300 to cover this year.

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