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Cargo IV rules

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All of the rules listed here are the default rules, if both you and your opponent think a certain rule is stupid, you can make what is called a "gentleman's agreement" to change something. Some examples of this could be allowing traits, allowing triangle cards, banning scout binoculars, or doing a 3v3.

Weapon rules

Any of the original base game blasters are allowed (excluding the Se-14c and the EE-3)

This tournament will be allowing some DLC weapons. the weapons listed below are permitted for use in the tournament.
X-8 night sniper
K-16 bryar pistol

The SE-14c and EE-3 are banned.

The EE-4, TL-50, A180, DT-29, and CJ-9 bo rifle are banned.

Weapons are limited to 1 per person. This meaning no 2 players can use the same weapon.

Players are allowed to switch blasters during a match, so long as no 2 players are using the same blaster at the same time.

Major gameplay rules

No traits are allowed for this tournament. Every trait in the game is banned.

All Charged Star Cards (Middle Star Cards that are activated with Triangle), are banned by default for this tournament.

Star card rules

Any of the main game and free update side Star Cards (Cards that go on L1 and R1) may be used freely with these exceptions.

The Bacta Bomb is banned.
The medical droid is banned.
The shock grenade is banned.
The scatter gun is banned.

The bowcaster and pulse cannon will be allowed for this tournament so power weapon rules will apply.

The power weapons (bowcaster and pulse cannon) are limited to 1 per team. This means all power weapons not 1 of both. Your team is allowed to use 1 pulse cannon OR 1 bowcaster NOT BOTH.

All star cards, excluding the banned ones listed above, are legal to be used in the tournament.

All star cards, excluding the jump pack, are limited to one per player. For example, This means that a team cannot have more than one thermal detonator. This applies to all star cards in the tournament except for the jump pack.

Match rules

Minimum battle size is 4v4, maximum battle size is 6v6.

No DLC maps are eligible to be played

Group stage Matches are best 2 out of 3, teams take turns banning maps back and forth 3 times until there are only 3 maps left, these are the 3 maps that will be used in the battle.

Map pick process:

Teams pick maps using a ban process. The higher seed team gets to ban first. Teams take turns banning back and forth until 3 maps remain.

The higher seeded team may choose to pick map or pick faction. If they pick map then they will pick the first and 3rd map and the other team will decide the factions. If they choose factions then the other team will pick the 1st and 3rd maps and the higher seeded team will pick the factions for those 2.

The opposing team will pick the factions for your map pick and your team will pick the factions for their map pick. No matter the seeds.

In playoffs matches change to a best of 5, teams will take turns banning until only 5 maps remain. Then the rest of the rules follow.

The entire ban phase must be completed before the first map is played. You can not ban maps during the match.

All base game cargo maps are eligible to play.

In the event that a player on either team disconnects from the lobby it is possible for the lobby to be remade. If the player disconnects before the first cargo is scored then the lobby can be remade, the clock must be run down to time of the disconnect and teams will continue the match from that point. If the disconnect happens after 1 cargo has been scored teams must continue to play with the same number of players as they have.

The game can not be remade if the cargo is in possession (meaning one team is currently carrying the opposing teams cargo) if your player disconnects during a possession you must return your cargo and then call for a remake.

If a member of the opposing team disconnects during a possession by your team (whether intentionally or not) continue to play until the cargo is scored or returned.

If a cargo map ties, the same map is replayed with the same factions. And a sudden death is played

In a sudden death the first team to score a cargo wins the map. Meaning the first team to reach a score of 6-4 will win the map.

The default size allowed for a battle in this tournament is 4v4. The maximum that the main game allows for in cargo is 6v6 so battles will have a maximum of this size.

If two teams have agreed to play a DLC map in their match, then the maximum player limit is upped to whatever the game caps the server at for these maps. Teams will also have to make a gentleman's agreement about the map picking process if this happens.

Any higher than a 4v4 is optional for teams, even if the match is initially planned as higher than a 4v4. As stated above, the default match size is 4v4, meaning you cannot “force” opposing teams to use additional members past the 4 person per team point, even if they have additional members available.

Additionally teams with a smaller number of players may have a gentleman's agreement to do a 3v3, for example, but teams are not able to force other teams into playing anything smaller than a 4v4.

Teams may change their line up between maps as much as they want, so long as the substitutes are listed on their roster and they are eligible to play.

The battle size can be increased between maps, but only if both teams agree.

No ringing allowed whatsoever. Only players whose PSN account names appear on your team's roster, which was submitted at the beginning of the tournament, may play in tournament matches. This rule may be altered with gentleman's agreements.

Teams may alter their roster as they wish, with no eligibility restrictions as long as it is done before the start of the tournament. For the purposes of this rule, the start of the tournament is when the first match has been played. (This rule will be enforced this time)

Prior to the start of the tournament a team may not add a player to their roster who is currently listed on another team’s roster in the Drop Zone tournament. The player must leave their original team first.

If a player leaves a team after the tournament has started, they may not play in a match for a different team in this tournament.

No alternate accounts are allowed on a different team than the one that the owners account is listed on. If it is found that a player is using an alternate account then the player will be immediately banned on all accounts and the teams that said player participated on may also face harsh punishments such Disqualification or map forfeits.

The staff reserves the right to stream any match they chose to. Any non staff/staff approved streamer is up to the discretion of both teams involved and must be handled by a gentleman's agreement. However never is a team required to let a non staff streamer spectate a match. The staff will supply a 3rd party streamer whenever possible.

The BFC prohibits the use of any mods or devices that could be used to enhance ones performance. This meaning all Mouse and Keyboard, Console tuners, rapid fire devices, and modded controllers.

Scufs and Razers controllers are permitted in the tournament.

Any use of the "gentleman's agreement" rule must be clearly documented on both sides and proof of the agreement must be available or else ruling on disputes will default on the standard tournament rules.

Violation of the BFC rules may result in Disqualification for not only players but entire teams if the situation warrants.

You must have adequate evidence if you dispute a game with another team and in the end, no matter what, the staff ruling is final.

For any questions you can message me on PSN at H0B0525
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