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Drop Zone VI: Full Ruleset

Post#1 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:41 pm

Welcome to Drop Zone VI. Here is the full list of rules set in place for the tournament. I understand there are a lot of opinions and many people disagree on what should be the rule-set. That being said, we looked to compromise and integrate a new set of rules that we believe will ultimately be the most competitive and fun to run.

This tournament will be DOUBLE-ELIMINATION

Monday: Signups Start
Wednesday: 11:59PM Eastern Teams are FINALIZED + Seeding Stream on [url]twitch.tv/swbfc[/url] immediately following
Friday: 12:01AM Eastern the tournament will officially start.

These are the official rules we will be using to run this tournament and settle all matters related to it. It is much longer than any initial rules drafts we may have posted at first because this one is intended to cover every issue that could possibly come up. A lot of rules are written just-in-case these issues happen.

Gameplay and Teams:
If two competing teams agree to ban, limit, restrict, or allow a thing or things in a given battle, then they are allowed to proceed in playing the match with the given, agreed upon, things used in whatever ways the terms specified.
This kind of agreement is known as a gentleman’s agreement.
Gentleman’s agreements can include what Star Cards/ traits/ weapons/ minimum team sizes/ formats/ items/ maps should be allowed, limited, restricted, changed, or banned.

A gentleman’s agreement conversation should absolutely take place in the forum topic for the given match-up.
If a gentleman’s agreement conversation took place via other forms of communication, it must otherwise be able to be proven and verified as agreed to by both teams.
If teams cannot both agree to a certain gentleman's agreement, then the rules will fall back to the official default rules for this tournament.

Any gentleman’s agreement can be made so long as both teams agree, within reason.
For example teams should not gentleman’s agreement to determine their match via another game or game mode. Contestants must be playing DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront EA™, and competing teams must also be playing Drop Zone.
It is up to team captains to ensure that their team members are aware of and agree to the conditions of the match. If a member violates a gentleman’s rule on a map, it will result in a map forfeit.
The only way to determine if a gentleman’s agreement has been violated, without an admission of guilt, is with clear evidence of the act occurring.

In this tournament, we will be running unique Star Cards. This means all available Star Cards in the game will be limited to one. This includes triangle cards.
Any of the original main game’s eleven primary weapons can be used. Additionally, all DLC expansion weapons are allowed with a few exception that will be listed below.
    The EE-4 is banned
    The TL-50 is banned
Most Traits are banned. The traits NOT banned are Bounty Hunter, Scout, and Escape Artist. These traits may be run with no restrictions.
Charge Star Cards (Middle Star Cards that are activated with Triangle), are limited to one (1) unique card per team. To clarify, teams may run a shield user, but there may only be one person with the PERSONAL SHIELD per team. This rule is applied to all cards.
    DISRUPTION is banned
Any of the main game and free update side Star Cards may be used freely with these exceptions.
The Bacta Bomb Star Card is banned.
Flash Grenade is banned.
Power Weapons are banned.
All paid DLC side Star Cards are allowed by default for this tournament and may be used freely with these exceptions.
The Scatter-Gun Star Card is banned and should not be in any hands of any player.
The Shock Grenade Star Card is banned and should not be in any hands of any player.
The Medical Droid Star Card is banned.

Any player can switch between their hand and second hand as much as they like during a map, so long as it does not violate the other Star Card restriction rules.

If any new maps, Star Cards, weapons or other items are added to the game, for free or for a price, during the course of the tournament, they will not be allowed by default.

If a Drop Zone map ties, the same map is replayed with the same factions.

The minimum size allowed for a battle in this tournament is 4v4. The maximum that the main game allows for in Drop Zone is 6v6 so battles will have a maximum of this size.
If two teams have agreed to play a DLC map in their match, then the maximum player limit is upped to whatever the game caps the server at for these maps. Teams will also have to make a gentleman's agreement about the map picking process if this ever happens.
Any higher than a 4v4 is optional for teams, even if the match is initially planned as higher than a 4v4. The default match size is 4v4, meaning you cannot “force” opposing teams to use additional members past the 4 person per team point, even if they have additional members available.
Additionally teams with a smaller number of players may have a gentleman's agreement to do a 3v3, for example, but teams are not able to force other teams into playing anything smaller than a 4v4.
Teams may change their line up between maps as much as they want, so long as the subs are listed on their roster and they are eligible to play. Replaying maps after a tie counts as being between maps.
Teams may change who runs which unique cards between maps as much as they want.
The battle size can be increased between maps, but only if both teams agree. Replaying maps after a tie counts as being between maps.

No ringing allowed whatsoever. Only players whose PSN account names appear on your team's roster, which was submitted at the beginning of the tournament, may play in tournament matches.

Rosters will lock at 11:59PM Wednesday. With a cap of 7 players per team.

Prior to the start of the tournament a team may not add a player to their roster who is currently listed on another team’s roster in the Drop Zone III tournament. The player must leave their original team first.

If a player leaves a team after the tournament has started, they may not play in a match for a different team in this tournament.

If someone lags out, loses internet or disconnects from PSN in the middle of a map, only the player that lagged out may come back during the map if they are able to. Teams continue to play on in this situation.

If someone lags out, loses internet or disconnects from PSN before or immediately after the white circle signifying the start of the match completes itself, the lobby must be remade, and the map restarted.
In the event that this occurs to your teammate, you must make it abundantly clear to the opposing team team that your teammate was unable to connect to the match. This should be done by respawning (by pressing the OPTIONS button on your PS4 controller and selecting Restart) and crouching. Demonstrate absolutely no fighting back and leave the match. Then message the opposing team’s leader about what happened and re-make the lobby.
If someone lags out, loses internet or disconnects from PSN while the score is 0-0 and before the first pod is scored, the lobby must be remade, and the map restarted.
If there is a dispute regarding this rule, then video evidence of the timing of when the player lagged out is required to determine what course of action we will take. We may have the teams replay the map, or we may give the team that was about to score or did score before or simultaneously as a playing lagging out a +1 point lead in the replay. These situations will mostly be decided upon in a case by case scenario.
If this issue happens more than 2 times to the same team on the same map for them the game is not restarted and play just continues as normal after the player disconnects.
If Playstation Network, or DICE's servers go down for everyone in the match, or if the private lobby crashes during a map for everyone in the game, the map is replayed.

If there is any dispute as to who should host the private lobby, because of what region the server is in, then the higher seeded team may host the first map, the lower seeded team may host the second map, and the higher seeded team may host the last map. This will usually only apply to international teams because this game is not peer to peer, one user's console is not hosting the lobby.
Teams may also choose to compromise by picking a matchmaking region which is in between the general location of the two teams. To do this go into the game settings and choose EA Account from the menu. You can then change your matchmaking region. We are not 100% sure how private servers are hosted at the time, but this may help slightly.
Attempting to alter or interrupt an opponent’s internet connection is strictly prohibited, and if proof, within reasonable doubt, can be obtained of this occurring, the perpetrator will be prohibited from participating in this competition and competitions in the future.

No cheating.

Additional Disallowed Areas
    Jawa Refuge: On top of the Sand-crawler
    Rebel Depot: The upper rims

No glitching.
Getting on top of the main ring of Rebel Depot in any way, not just the way that involves going under the invisible wall is not allowed. Standing upon an elevation that puts the player above the main cylinder of the map is not allowed.
This includes both the method of going under the invisible wall, and the method of jet packing up top in the room which is where the Rebel home base is in Cargo. Standing at this elevation and getting a kill from this elevation with a weapon, star card, or projectile used at this height is not allowed, nor is placing infantry turrets or droids at this elevation.
If a team disputes the result of a map over this rule, and if the admins determine that someone abused this location enough to affect the outcome of the map, the map will be replayed.
Standing upon the area in the desert which is not above the main ring of the map (the area around and near the turret) is not included in this and is not considered against the rules. Standing in the internal but elevated ring the middle of the map, which is also not above the cylinder is not considered against the rules.
Methods to get outside of or on top of the map on Goazon Badlands via the glitch in the cave or other places on the map are not allowed. Standing on the rocky outcroppings and canyon walls which are not above the entire map is not against the rules.
If a team disputes the result of a map over this rule, and if the admins determine that someone abused these methods or locations enough to affect the outcome of a round, the round will be replayed.
Getting on top of the roof of the hanger on the Imperial Hanger map is considered a glitch, and so is standing on the electric generators which are outside of the map. Standing on the TIE fighters near the ceiling is not considered glitching.
Other glitches that we are not currently aware of will be reviewed on a case by case basis. In most cases if the player is in a location where they can damage enemy players, but their enemies are incapable of damaging them, then the player is currently inside of a glitch.

Teams have 12 hours after the completion of a match to dispute the result.

If DICE release a patch for the game during the course of the tournament, the tournament will continue uninterrupted.

We reserve the right to make an emergency change to a rule or add an additional rule. For example this probably would only be done if DICE accidentally introduced a detrimental problem into the competition via a bug or other intended or unintended problem.

If DICE make changes on a gameplay level or add additional features to the game outside of gameplay, we reserve the right to change or add a rule regarding these changes that the developers have made.

Breaking or not following any rule may rule may result in a map forfeit or match forfeit.
In general, if a team gets confused about bans and cards / weapons / traits being limited to one by accident, the map will be replayed. If a team is doing this more than two times after three remakes in order to try to get a win on purpose, it will result in a map forfeit.

Players will be expected to, at the very least, take a screenshot of the post game screen which includes the result of the map and the statistics of each player in the battle. This must also be done on tied maps.
This can be done extremely easily by holding the SHARE button on your PS4 controller for three seconds.
This can also be configured with your PS4’s settings to make the SHARE button take screenshots with one button press.
These screenshots are the minimum requirement needed as proof of a map, and thus a match, occurring.

It is preferential that there be a streamed or recorded video of the battle. This can be on either Twitch or Youtube, or as a file on your PS4’s hard drive. All of these options can be done via your PS4’s SHARE button menu.
The PS4 automatically records a video of a certain amount of time back in your play session. You can use this video if you forgot to take a screenshot. You can also make the time window longer in the PS4’s settings.
Most team captains and co-captains will be invited to a to a PS4 community which has been made just for submitting match screenshots and videos.
Roster updates and changes may also be posted in this community.
Match score screenshots and video files will also be allowed to be linked to in the “Report Match Scores” button at the top of the site, posted in the forums, or reported on Toornament (which now has match reporting).

We might be keeping individual statistics for this tournament. This would be done via the post game screenshots.
If a team forfeits a match, stats are not recorded for the teams in that match.
If two teams play a match and have agreed upon the victor, but neither team has videos or screenshots of map scores for a given map, both teams’ members will incur an individual statistics penalty.
Teams may not change their team names or tags once the first round of the tournament has begun.

Teams may not register for this tournament with the exact same tag or name as another existing team in the tournament.

If BFC staff members would like to spectate a match in the tournament, they may not be refused.
Any other spectators who are a third party and are not involved with the BFC stream, commentary or other tasks may only spectate if both clans agree to let it happen.
Stream ghosting is grimy and discouraged, but we cannot regulate it. Please try to use a delay on your stream if you are streaming a tournament match and you feel a team could gain valuable information from it.
This Tournament will be a double-elimination bracket.
The seeding for this tournament will be completely randomized since power rankings are blurry after a year off from playing. The randomization and seeding placement will be STREAMED immediately following the tournament roster lock at 11:59PM eastern on Wednesday.

Make sure your team members have the free Battle of Jakku DLC downloaded for this tournament because Goazon Badlands is one of the playable maps.

The battles will be only Drop Zone and will consist of best 2 out of 3 map wins constitutes a battle win.

The map selection process will work as follows:
The higher seeded team (the team favored to win) will remove one map from the main nine available Drop Zone maps.
The lower seeded team (the team not favored to win) will also remove one map from the remaining eight available Drop Zone maps. They may not ban the same map that was banned first by the higher seeded team.
This process will continue until there are only three maps remaining. Teams may not remove maps which have already been removed from the list.
Once there are three maps remaining, the higher seeded team will now pick which map they would like to play first in the match out of the remaining three.
The lower seeded team will now pick which map they would like to play as the second map in the battle. The lower seeded team will also pick what faction they would prefer to play as on the higher seeded team’s map at this time.
Lastly, the third map is the the one which was leftover and will be the last map played in the battle. The higher seeded team now picks what factions they would like to play as on both the second and third maps.
▪ Example:
Team A: Seed 1, Things Team A Picked will be BLUE.
Team B: Seed 16, Things Team B Picked will be RED.

Team A’s First Post
Team A bans Rebel Depot
Team B’s Response
Team B bans Twilight on Hoth
Team A’s Response
Team A bans Goazan Badlands
Team B’s Response
Team B bans Swamp Crash Site
Team A’s Response
Team A bans Raider Camp
Team B’s Response
Team B bans Jawa Refuge
Team A’s Response
The remaining maps are: Ice Caves, Sulfur Fields, and Dune Sea Exchange.
Team A Dune Sea Exchange - Team B Faction
Team B Map 2 - Team A Faction
Team B Map 3 - Team A Faction
Team B’s Response
Team A Dune Sea Exchange - Team B Empire
Team B Sulfur Fields - Team A Faction
Team B Ice Caves - Team A Faction
Team A’s Final Response
Team A Dune Sea Exchange - Team B Empire
Team B Sulfur Fields - Team A Rebels
Team B Ice Caves - Team A Rebels
Teams are encouraged to play as soon as they are able to and to advance the tournament as quickly as possible. Teams in the group stage will be 3 weeks to complete their 5 matches. We will be handing out all forfeits simultaneously on the night of January 29th for matches that could not be played. All group stage matches must be completed by the morning of the 30th. If all group matches are finished before the deadline we will move on to the bracket stage as soon as this happens. If both teams in a match demonstrate little organization and communication, or if both teams ask to drop out or forfeit, we will randomize who wins the match. The bracket that happens after the group stage (including play in game tiebreakers) will be set to a strict one week deadline from the time when both teams, and all other teams in the same round, have finished their previous match. Inability to show up before a deadline is over will result in the battle being lost for the team determined to be at fault.

This tournament will not award BFC Points to the top teams in the tournament which may be used in power rankings and seedings for later competitions.

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