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Poll: Allow Charge Cards in Cargo Tournament?

Poll ended at Sun May 15, 2016 9:56 pm

Total votes: 17

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[PC] Charge Card Discussion

Post#1 » Tue May 10, 2016 9:56 pm

This poll is for PC players regarding our next PC tournament. We are wondering what the majority of our PC player base would want, there's potential for charge cards to affect the game differently in Cargo (especially personal shield) more than Drop Zone and we want to make sure we make the correct choice that most of the players will be happy with. This poll is to gauge interest and will not necessarily be the final decision.
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Re: [PC] Charge Card Discussion

Post#2 » Wed May 11, 2016 8:53 am

Hello guys,

I think we need to keep these card allowed in tournament ! Why ?

Because if you don't want to play with shield, with jetpack or with other cards ... you can play Counter Strike with an AK and a knife it will be great too.

No seriously, every cards in this game have an opposit ! If an ennemy use personnal shield, and you don't like the shield ... try to use the Cycler rifle, or Ion grenade, or Ion ammo ... To every problems we have a solution. And the easy solution is to "ban" all the stuff and cards from the game...but it's less more interessant for the gameplay, the strategy etc...

The hardest solution is to learn to play and to adaptate to every situtation that you will be able to deal with !

That's my point of view...

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Re: [PC] Charge Card Discussion

Post#3 » Wed May 11, 2016 12:19 pm

Point of view is valid...but most of them are pretty bullshit most of the time. Traits like Berserker are blatantly overpowered due to Bacta Bomb and Adrenaline Stim. And now, with Bacta Bomb, if you pop personal shield you take 3 melees to kill. Cycler rifle won't even kill that point blank without a headshot. Ion grenade and shot are both trash, and if scatter gun is not allowed.... Almost everyone I've talked to from other clans thinks cargo might be more interesting without charge cards. Just because you "think" there's a counter to every card, which there isn't (like how stupid some guns are with explosive shot +- Berserker), doesn't make it fun.

Honestly, most of us think Cargo mode is boring anyway, but cards like shield just make it even more uninteresting. MY main concern however is that not using charge cards will make it impossible to cap, because Pulse Cannon is so strong. There's no counter to a Pulse Cannon except kinda personal shield or using your own Pulse Cannon. It's already evident when 8 people in a 4v4 Drop Zone are using Pulse Cannon.

I really just don't want to play Cargo =P. Just a one-shot kill camp fest.

If we were talking Drop Zone, I think the game would be more fun if charge cards and pulse cannon didn't exist.

I'll probably end up playing if Cargo is the next tournament, but I honestly won't like playing with or without charge cards. There's nothing wrong with people trying to find ways to make the game more balanced/interesting. Just because we would live with using everything doesn't mean it's fun.

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Re: [PC] Charge Card Discussion

Post#4 » Wed May 11, 2016 2:14 pm

I think banning pulse canon and shield would make it more interesting and still fun to play. It'd force players to use their primary weapon or cycler to hit targets whether in close range or from afar but no as easily as with a pulse canon. Plus, the abscence of a shield encourages more cover from the team mates to get the cargo home :p
What do y'all think ?

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Re: [PC] Charge Card Discussion

Post#5 » Wed May 11, 2016 8:54 pm

Off Topic
Spathi wrote:Traits like Berserker are blatantly overpowered due to Bacta Bomb and Adrenaline Stim.

I have an off topic question. @
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do you mean that when you use a Bacta Bomb on yourself and you get an over shield (lets say you are at 150 health now because I don't know the actual number) and then you get damaged to be at around 125 health, is Berseker now activated in this situation? Because you are technically missing total health? Or does it not work like that, and you just mean that with Berserker you can go to low health to win fights and its strong because Bacta Bomb and Adreneline Stim can heal you to full afterwards?

As for being on topic.. I see a lot of potential for people running the flag with Personal Shield on, which I think could be pretty disastrous, but I want you guys to make the decision as a majority, and not just do what we did on PS4. Obviously if everyone is dead to pulse cannon in the middle of the map before they can get into a base then that won't matter as much as I thought.

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